“Every experience we live through has an impact on us. New memories are created, behaviour is questioned, new perspectives are formed. It’s the experiences we live through that define who we are.” – Simeon Quarrie

VIVIDA's Application Of Virtual Reality

VIVIDA are leaders in the application of interactive game engine technology for purposeful and positive uses. We employ an impactful, multi-sensory, and multi-dimensional storytelling experience which cultivates empathy and emotion. We tell powerful, human stories to inspire motivation and resilience.

This is a radically different, all-enveloping approach. One that ensures that rather than simply understanding issues at a rational level, employees experience them and recognise them at an emotional level. Armed with this fresh perspective, the necessary transformation happens almost on its own accord.

Education and Awareness:

VIVIDA take important subjects that most perceive to be mind-numbingly boring and make the education exciting and memorable. This leads to the highest levels of knowledge retention. From cybersecurity to fire safety, we have a world-leading approach.

Social and Ethical Issues:

We drive cultural change in organisations using immersive storytelling to focus attention on the issues that matter, ultimately challenging existing attitudes and behaviours. Our experiences cultivate empathy within your workforce and move people to see things differently.

Education and Learning:

The real value in virtual reality is the ability to drive cultural change in organisations. We resolve organisational problems by focusing on the issues that matter, challenging and transforming existing attitudes and behaviours.

Immersive Brand Experiences:

Whatever audience you are trying to reach – consumer, client or employee – we will showcase your brand and allow the viewer to interact. Our unique technological expertise allows us to deliver a personalized solution to perfectly represent your brand and target audience.