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Here’s the thing: We believe there’s no better way to celebrate the people and customers of your business than with video. If you’re wondering why, it’s quite simple: as humans, we all want a personal connection. We’re looking for trust, personality, and heart. And by putting a human face to your business with video, you can quite literally look your perfect audience in the eye and create a lasting connection with them. Our process involves creative brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, top-level equipment, and much more, so that we can make this connection happen. In our experience, video works well no matter the goal you want to achieve with it. You can reinforce your brand with stories of extraordinary things people have achieved because of you and your product, build trust into what you do, and hire the best talent in your industry.

The advantages for your business

  • Show your true core as a brand: your business are your people, teams, and passions
  • Create emotional connections with your audience
  • Repurpose video cost-effectively on your website, social media and emails
  • Become memorable and stand out from your competitors

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“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Stratus Co is really second to none. It comes as no surprise to me that they work with some of the industry leaders and attract top talent worldwide”
Sara Jones

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