Little Sim

Inspiring young creatives to dream like our founder Simeon Quarrie


As storytellers we are entrusted to tell our clients’ stories. We therefore wanted to showcase the power of virtual reality to tell VIVIDA’s own brand story.

We set out to capture the attention of the audience in this production, fully engaging them in the experience. It was designed to be suitable for all ages, developed so that no user experiences motion sickness or discomfort.

Our Approach

We invite you into a world where we discover more about Vivida’s founder, Simeon Quarrie. You will take a journey through the eyes of Little Sim, the character we’ve created based on Simeon.

In developing Simeon’s story, the team used the latest technology to capture movement, expression and voice, creating characters and environments. We employed “user activated virtual hands” at key stages during the video. This enabled us to demonstrate what the technology can do and how it successfully draws the audience into the experience.

The Technology

The technology used allows us to place the audience within the story, allowing for high quality engagement. In this case the team selected the Oculus Rift with hand controllers to provide the most immersive experience possible.

The capabilities of the equipment allowed us to add layers to the story, creating a meaningful experience as it unfolds.

The Impact

The final product was first shown to attendees at an Apple event in San Francisco, Cupertino, where Simeon had been invited to give a keynote speech on creativity.

The production was extremely well received and one viewer commented that “it was the most immersive story I’ve ever experienced”.

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