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Our favourite thing about animation is that it’s essentially limitless. Because it’s not restricted by space, weather, props, or even reality, animation is the perfect technology to distill complex information into an engaging, relatable story that’s easy to digest. Animation carries the power to take your viewer to the future, back in time, or to an entirely different world—whatever works for them. They are taken on a tour and naturally guided by the story. Animation creates context, environment, and a storyline that your audience understands. The best benefit of animation is that it doesn’t simply have to be impersonal. Extraordinary brands can still create a relatable experience and a personal journey. And finally, animation is visually appealing and it can elevate your entire brand, making it not only unique, but also attractive and memorable.

The advantages for your business

  • Engage worldwide audiences through an inclusive visual style
  • Reach and excite viewers on subjects they may not be naturally drawn to
  • Use animated content for a long time as it’s not quickly outdated with internal changes

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“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Stratus Co is really second to none. It comes as no surprise to me that they work with some of the industry leaders and attract top talent worldwide”
Sara Jones

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