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Our Mission

We are a team of storytellers who are passionate about the power of VR as way to tell stories. We use our knowledge of video, animation and traditional storytelling to create and deliver the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences using the latest virtual reality technology. The VIVIDA experience is truly immersive. In viewing one of our stories, you will interact with both the environment and objects within the virtual space and be drawn into the story, ultimately becoming part of the narrative.

Our Team

VIVIDA are visual storytellers; we are all inspired by the impact of world class storytelling. We push boundaries, working on the edge of what is technically possible.

Our work is a collaborative process. We invest time in getting to know our clients to enable us to go on the creative journey with them. We will find the stories hidden in every business and recommend the best visual way to tell them. We understand that every business is unique, and every person is unique, and we will tailor our approach to your business, who you’re aiming to reach and what your objectives are.

Our goal is to exceed expectations and to continue to use the most cutting edge technology in a positive and impactful way for our clients.

We have been selected to participate in the Canon Ambassador Programme. This brings together some of the world’s best photographers and videographers to inspire and educate people throughout Europe and Africa. Our founder, Simeon, is also a member of the “G-Team”, which means he is frequently invited to speak on creativity and best practice in videography around the world. Recently he’s been booked by Apple, Canon, YouTube and Barclays.


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Virtual Reality

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Video Creation

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Our Team

Sheryl Graham

Chief Operating Officer
Sheryl oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Chris Anderson

Chief Product Officer
Chris leads Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features.

Susan Cox

Chief Financial Officer
Susan is Chief Financial Officer at Stratus, where she leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams.
“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Stratus Co is really second to none. It comes as no surprise to me that they work with some of the industry leaders and attract top talent worldwide”
Sara Jones

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